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Cha Cha... Rumba... Sumba... Jive... and Paso Doble...

Latin dance is a dramatic, sensual, exciting style that emphasises movement within the body, the play both between the dance couple and with the audience.

Latin Dancers love to show off, and if you are looking for attention being a good Latin dancer will certainly help you to find it! Latin American dance is hot, and Latin dancers are meant to be seen... and dreamt of!

As a beginner, it's easy to learn the basics, but as you get more advanced Latin dance requires (and creates) a lot of flexibility, physical fitness, and awareness of your body. People will be able tell you're a latin dancer even when you walk down the street.

If this sounds like the type of dance you'd like to learn, talk to one of our teachers. Both Alexa and Karina are champions in this style, and can help you reach your potential too! - dancesport internet